Kids Karate
Ages 3-6

How we change lives

Discipline kids karate


Self-discipline is the foundation for building all other skills. It leads to good judgment and decision making, impulse control, and good emotional regulation. It is also the foundation for the development of good character. Once a child learns self-discipline, everything else becomes easier.

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Our students learn the 4 Steps to Razor Sharp Focus—Focus your eyes, ears, mind and body. To listen or follow instructions a child must first learn to focus their attention. This starts with keeping their bodies still. A child who can focus learns better at school and gets along better at home.



Self-esteem comes from learning to value and respect yourself. Confidence comes from gaining competence. Kids are far more capable than we give them credit for. When they gain confidence on the karate floor it translates out to everything else they do at home and school.

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Respect is one of the most important character traits kids of today need. We believe that when a child shows respect it earns respect. We like to teach kids to value others by teaching them to respond politely to others. The best part of this is by showing respect to others we begin to strengthen our honor.

What Really Matters

Unlike most martial arts schools and sports, we are not trying to create world champion athletes we are trying to create young men and women of character and a hard work ethic. If that leads to being a champion athlete GREAT! But what really matters to us is that we leave this world full of strong and honorable leaders!

Understanding Child Development is Key

We have developed a specific curriculum for the pre-school age group that targets their physical development, adapts to their social and intellectual curiosity, and builds skills. We focus on preparing them for the new roles and responsibilities they will be encountering as they enter school. As their physical development and focus improves, we also prepare them for the next level in our Youth Karate Program.

Tiny Tigers (Age 3 & 4)

 Students learn age-appropriate focus, concentration and listening skills with skills and drills that build balance, core strength, and gross motor skills.


Kids at this age begin developing habits they will retain for life. It is imperative that kids at this age learn manners and respect for themselves and others. Give them the discipline, focus, confidence and self-esteem needed for the rest of their lives.

Little Tigers (Age 5 & 6)

Prepare your kids for success in school by developing their independence, confidence and social skills. Develop a solid physical foundation and love for fitness through skills and drills that work on gross and complex motor skills and coordination.

Our students actively work on 4 specific areas of development :


We will work to improve muscle application through drills with high repetitions. We will also continue to develop their legs, arms, core and abdominals with static, active and dynamic exercises that improve gross, complex, and fine motor skills.


 We will work toward improving their ability to listen and follow direction. They will learn to retain 3 or more commands at once as well as distinguishing between their left and right sides.


This age group has such an excitement for the things they are “into” and tend to shut down when they don’t feel like doing something. We will work on self-control drills that will help them focus their attention on the task at hand. We will also work the 4 Laws of Razor Sharp Focus – EYES, EARS, MIND and BODY!


We will build good Teamwork Skills by practicing no cheating, not getting angry when they lose and not bragging when they win. We will help them learn to embrace discipline, respect and manners as a way to make parents and teachers proud