Family Martial Arts

Family is not an Important thing; It's Everything! ~ Michael J. Fox


Dad and Kids

“Joining 3T has been a great benefit for the entire family. The professional staff is teaching my children more than just the skills to defend themselves; they are learning discipline, respect, and life lessons that they will be able to use throughout their lives. Being able to participate in the same class with my children has been rewarding and fun way to spend family time together. I highly recommend 3T Colorado Springs Karate to any family.”

-Jeffery Flight


Mom and Daughter

“I’m so glad I made the decision to get on the mat with my daughter. Doing Karate has been a fun way to bond with her and since starting we have grown so close together. I have seen how hard she works and by doing karate myself it has given me a greater understanding of who she is as a person. ‘As iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another’.” 

-Heather Smith


Parents and Children

“We started Training at 3T to give some structure for our school aged children. After two months, it turned into a family affair where we train with our children, focusing on mental and physical strength, self-defense, attentiveness, flexibility, courtesy, and kindness. Now, over two years later we are closer as a family. We are so glad to have joined 3T”

– Watz Family

Don't miss out on Life with your Family

We all live an increasingly fast-paced lifestyle that challenges us to find quality family time. Anything else you do with your kids, you aren’t really doing it together… you, as the adult, are always “in charge”. Martial arts is one of the only activities you can truly do and learn together as a familyIn our classes, parents and older siblings can train alongside their younger family members in a friendly, fun-filled environment that encourages growth for every family member. Adults and teens get the health, fitness and self-defense benefits of training while younger students learn character development and life skills.

If you are looking for quality time with your family that has the added benefit of improving your health and fitness, then martial arts at 3T is for you. Our Family Martial Arts classes will be the key to your Family’s Fitness and Life Skill Success. We will focus on the life skills and character lessons your kids need while getting you the health benefits and self-defense skills you need. All in a fun, friendly, family-oriented environment where everyone will love learning.

What we are all about

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Health and Fitness

We offer great workouts that kids and parents will love. You will sweat, smile, and learn every time you come to class. You will receive quality learning and bonding time for the whole family that is so difficult to find in today's busy world.

Character and Attitude

The critical life skills we teach will help family members increase focus, discipline, and confidence. The belt system naturally teaches self-motivation and goal-setting. Manners, etiquette, and respect learned in our classes will form a foundation that helps improve social skills and communication.


We all want to be safe in a dangerous world. Your child will learn to deal with bullies and negative peer pressure. You will be able to feel secure in your ability to recognize threats and protect yourself and your loved ones.