Homeschool Martial Arts Classes

Are you looking to join the best Homeschool Martial Arts classes in Colorado Springs. Well, we are the homeschool friendly and Values Focused program you've been looking for. And We want our kids to grow up loving our country, being true to their faith, and being healthy in their minds. But, if you're not quite sure yet, feel free to try out a free private class to check things out.

The Best Homeschool Martial Arts Classes in Colorado Springs

Are you looking for homeschool martial arts classes near you? There’s nothing that brings the family together like Karate Classes for the whole family! There’s a saying “A Family that Kicks together sticks together. And we are offering a great experience for everyone by focusing our teaching on Traditional Values, Self Defense, Physical Development, and so much more. But the best part of our program is that you can actually train together! There is something for the whole family, whether you are looking for Physical Fitness, more flexibility, Fun, or a skill that will last a lifetime, we’ve got you covered!

We Have Day Time Classes

We know that Homeschool Families have busy schedules and want to take the evening to be family time. Thats why we offer day time classes. We are the only martial arts school in Colorado Springs that offers this to Families. 

Homeschool Martial Arts classes in colorado Springs

Get to know our Values

A great part of our dojo is that you don’t have to worry about what your kids are learning. Equally important to us are our values and so we have built a place that families can feel safe sending their children. We want to be your second home and a second place that helps inspire the next generation to love to learn and strive for excellence. 

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Our faith is a vital part of our lives. And what we believe in and how it impacts our decisions is the cornerstone to our success. Although we don't discuss it much we want our families to know that we respect and treasure a families beliefs. And we know the world is a better place when we all live for a greater purpose.

Family Martial Arts


Family is the backbone of our country and society begins to fall apart when the family falls apart. Thats why we believe that building a strong family is essential to happy and successful life. What's most important is that we love when families train together, in fact, It has been said that "a Family that Kicks together sticks together"

Colorado Springs Karate


We live an amazing country. Though people can always change things to be bad we believe that the American values of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness has caused the world to be more free and prosperous than all human history. So, we love our country and want to continue to live for its ideals. And thats why we focus our effort in our little part of the country by building a healthy community

"3T has taught my children confidence, perseverance, and courage. As well as how to be healthy people and good martial artists! But they offer so much more than martial arts and self-defense. They partner with me and my husband to reinforce our family values. They motivate my children to have a strong moral compass. The dojo is an encouraging, safe, and healthy place for the entire family."
“Every time we come to the school we are met with smiles, it's really like a second family. Instead of playing video games my kids love to come and get a great workout and the best part is that at the same time they teach lessons that make since to my kids"

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