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Life Changing

If you want a place that creates amazing people you’ve come to the right place! 3T is not like other martial arts schools. We don’t look at character development as a bi-product but as the primary thing we produce in our students. The goal at 3T is that we want to create leaders for life and not just fighters. So, whether it is training for kids, teens, or even adults, we focus on the whole person. Our training is both fun and challenging creating an environment where our students can Learn the skills they need for life!

Discover the Mission

A Place to Grow

Are you looking for a place that teaches you how to be successful in all areas of your life. We at 3T believe that being a champions in life is more important than being just a champion on the mat.  Our program is all about taking the principles we learn from our training and applying them to every aspect of our lives. Whether that’s the students showing respect to their parents, getting straight A’s in school or getting that job at 16 because they have the confidence to look the boss in the eyes when they are speaking, 3T develops the person first!

Physical Development

We have a strong training regimen so that students become physically stronger and can defend themselves. However, we always try to bring this back to real life and the battles they fight every day; not just the very rare street fight.

Formula for Success

Success is a formula and we have mastered that formula. 3T has created many great people through our training program and we continue to develop the individuals that truly want to be successful in their lives. We help develop the goals for our students to go on to college with full ride scholarships, go on to military academies, or simply go on to be leaders in their community.

Staff of Excellence

Our staff is highly trained and each member is required to keep up with his/her training in Martial Arts, Leadership development, Life Skills, Child Psychology,  Teaching and coaching skills. It is important for our staff to not only be able to talk the talk, but also to walk the walk. 

No Easy Feat

The world is full of liars, but we want to be different from the world. We want to create honest, focused, disciplined, kind, and powerful individuals. Earning a Black Belt at 3T is no easy task: you will be challenged, you will be pushed to your limits, you will be tempted to quit, but for those who make it, you will be changed and be able to accomplish anything you set your mind to. 

More than Just Karate

Our philosophy is pretty simple: set high expectations but create manageable steps to get there. Too many people are never able to leave their comfort zones and will therefore never be able to accomplish their goals. Our job is to create students that are strong minded and are willing to develop themselves to their fullest potential. 


Sensei Eric Davis

has been training in the martial arts since 2002. He received his first degree black belt from Hanshi Terry Bryan and since then has continued to train in multiple disciplines including Arnis, MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Kempo, Kung Fu, and many more. After traveling around the world, he started 3T Colorado Springs in 2010 and has been teaching there ever since. Sensei Davis' passion is not just the physical fighting but in developing students to their highest potential.

Christina in Colorado springs karate

Sensei Christina Davis

began training martial arts in 2002. She earned her first degree black belt from Michael and Nicole Bilgere in Papillion, Nebraska in 2005. Now she holds a third degree black belt in TaeKwonDo and a third degree black belt in Karate. Her greatest joy in martial arts is in point sparring where she has won many first place titles including 2 national championships. She has been with 3T since 2015 and thoroughly enjoys watching each and every student grow not only in martial arts skill, but in discipline and confidence.

Guro Michael Mellinger

Guro Mellinger has been training martial arts since 2007 and received his 1st degree in Shotokan Karate. During his Training he was introduced to the Fillipino system of Luzviminda Arnis under the late grandmaster Fredrico Lazo. Since then he has dedicated his martial arts discipline to the FMA world of stick fighting. He has received his first degree Black Belt in 2012.

Sifu Scott Ward

Sifu Ward Began his martial arts journey in the Hard style of Shotokan Karate. He opened up a school teaching Karate but later discovered the Soft style of Chinese TaiChi. He has since dedicated himself to the practice and study of these deeper internal Arts and now teaches a TaiChi to those willing to learn.


Coach/Sensei Jaime Schoen

Coach Schoen has been training martial arts since 2002 having received his 2nd degree Black Belt in Karate under the later Hanshi Terry Bryan. After Competing in the World Games in Jamaica he decided to compete in full Contact Kick Boxing. He went on to compete in full contact kickboxing. Having a winning record he semi retired to focus on his career. He is now the head kickboxing coach at 3T and also teaches a Cardio Kickboxing Class.

Sensei Reginald Hass

Sensei Hass has been training Karate at 3T since 2012. He received his Black Belt under Sensei Davis and has been instrumental in preparing Brown Belts for their Black Belt Test. He is also a full time Math Teacher at Manitou High School. He is a teacher through and through as he guides and mentors many students to discover the best of what is inside of them.

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