Kids Karate

Ages 7-12



Self-discipline is the foundation for building all other skills. It leads to good judgment and decision making, impulse control, and good emotional regulation. It is also the foundation for the development of good character. Once a child learns self-discipline, everything else becomes easier.



Self-esteem comes from learning to value and respect yourself. Confidence comes from gaining competence. Kids are far more capable than we give them credit for. When they gain confidence on the karate floor it translates out to everything else they do at home and school.

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Our students learn the 4 Steps to Razor Sharp Focus—Focus your eyes, ears, mind and body. To listen or follow instructions a child must first learn to focus their attention. This starts with keeping their bodies still. A child who can focus learns better at school and gets along better at home.



We know that kids learn the best when they are enjoying what they are doing. at 3T we think that “Fun” is the sugar that makes the “development” go down! We want our Students to go home and show respect, Focus, and discipline and think that doing so is Fun!

What really matters

Unlike most martial arts schools and sports, we aren’t trying to create world champion athletes we are trying to create young men and women of character and a hard work ethic. If that leads to being a champion athlete GREAT! But what really matters to us that we leave this world full strong and honorable leaders!

Strong Mind, Strong Body

Strong mind, strong body is our philosophy. In this age group we focus a lot of our attention on life skills and building a strong character. We know that developing self-discipline, focus, confidence, and respect are keys to success in life. We also know you need a strong, healthy fit body to pursue that success. Our curriculum builds athleticism and strength while teaching physical and mental self-defense skills. Students will learn how to defend themselves physically and also learn to identify less obvious threats like what a bully really looks like, and how not to turn into a bully themselves.

Our Curriculum Focuses On 4 Fundamental Areas:


Karate is unique in its ability to meet students at whatever their current physical fitness level is and build from there. Whether your child is a die-hard coach potato, excels athletically, or is somewhere in between we can challenge them while teaching them to enjoy fitness and live a healthy lifestyle. The physical nature of karate builds strength and endurance, increases coordination and agility, and improves hand-eye coordination, balance and even flexibility. We place a strong emphasis on building athleticism and developing students gross, complex and fine motor skills through a series of fun and ever-changing drills, skills and actions.


We know the only way to truly develop confidence and character is to meet and overcome obstacles and challenges, not from hollow praise and unearned accolades. The belt system teaches students short and long-term goal setting and helps them focus through distractions and work on completing and following through on tasks. The formula for success in any endeavor in life is consistent effort over time. This is reinforced through a natural reward system as students progress through increasingly difficult curriculum skills with higher expectations and standards. This builds true confidence and self-esteem from the inside out.


Students at this age can easily become frustrated when working through challenges such as performing a new skill for the first time. We will help them persevere through challenges, develop the mental toughness to deal with disappointment, and teach them to trust their instincts and intuition. In a world where everything happens now, children that can delay gratification, control their impulses, and accept personal responsibility stand out among their peers. We work on developing emotional maturity by moving students from external discipline and control to internal self-discipline and self-control where they accept both the positive and negative outcomes of their actions and choices.


This age group is working on learning and building the social skills they will need for the rest of their lives. We will teach them that respect and manners are the basic foundation off all relationships, that rules are made to keep us safe, and will work on listening and understanding skills in order to be good students and friends. We will also teach students what it means to be principle-centered and how to make advance decisions so they will have the courage and skills to stand up to negative peer pressure and bullying.


Why parents love our classes


Character Development

A great martial artist knows that the only way to truly win a fight is to stay out of it. We know that our students will face hundreds of battles in their life and the majority of them wont be physical. We want to see a generation that can handle themselves physically but more importantly are great people that others will want to follow

Great Instructors

Lessons are important but no greater way are lessons learned then by example. We emphasize hiring only the best at 3T who understand our culture of discipline, respect, and focused effort but also know how to enjoy every moment of teaching. When an instructor loves their job than students love to learn.

Fun and tough training

We know that life isn't always easy and so we want to teach our students to push through difficulty and to develop mental toughness. Nothing comes easy in life and In fact that harder it is the more value it probably has. But there is a system to teach grit that doesn't push students away and we do this in a very fun and enjoyable way for kids.