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Colorado Springs Ninja Camp

Ninja Summer Camp

Ninja summer camp is a “Can’t Miss” event for your little Ninja. We will be doing a week long Ninja training camp in which we will be teaching your little ninja cool moves, we will take them through obstacle courses and preparing the whole week for an epic samurai water balloon battle! If you think your little ninja would enjoy this week of fun don’t hesitate to sign up, Spots are Limited.

1st camp - June 17th - 21st
2nd camp - July 29th - August 2nd

TEEN Hangout at Ram"park"

It’s time for our 3rd annual “Rampart Park Teen Hangout where we burn our homework and kick of the summer event”. We will be having a great time at Rampart Park (Just behind Rampart HS). There will be tons of fun things to do including Free Food!

 FREE Hot Dogs & Hamburgers

Yoga Kick Ball

Ultimate Frisbee

A Homework ROAST – Literally

Fun People




Friday May 31st
5pm - 10 pm

Colorado Springs Bounce house ninja birthday party
Ninja Training in Colorado Springs

Ninja Night

We will be having our Annual Epic Ninja Night this Saturday. Every year we put on a “Clue” style event for kids 3-14 where they get to dress up like ninja and participate in an active night of fun, mystery, and of course PIZZA! Bring your friends bring your family members and above all bring your ninja skills. 

The story is that the master ninja has been killed and it’s up to our brave ninjas to figure out Who did it, Where they did it, and What weapon they used. 

This is sure to be a super fun night for everyone involved! 

Cost for the event is only $20 or Free for Gold Members!!!

Saturday, June 1st

5pm - 8pm

Family Picnic

Saturday August 17th
10am - 3pm

Ninja Bounce House Birthday Party

Teen Renaissance Festival

Saturday, June 22nd

Teen Boat Trip

Friday July 26th
8am - 6pm

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