Battle Through the Ages Camp

This camp will be a fun and exciting opportunity to learn some basic weapons training and learn some history in the meantime. We will take a look at different fighting styles through out history, including Medieval, Spartans, Samurai, Shaolin Monks and maybe even the future of fighting, Jedi Training! On the last day we plan to put it all together for an epic battle at the park! This camp will have everything, dress up! martial arts training! history! and so much more!!!

August 6-10
8 am - 12 pm

Colorado Springs Bounce house ninja birthday party

7th Annual Family Picnic

are 7th annual picnic is almost upon us!!! Come have a great time with us as we Grill, party, play games, get wet and bounce in our bounce house! its going to be a great time! 

Saturday, August 11
10 am - 2 pm

Free Bully Proofing Seminar

BULLY SEASON is HERE!!! Bullying is very easy to prevent but difficult to stop once it starts. This season, help your kids be prepared to have a successful year without bullies. 

3T is putting on a BULLY PROOFING SEMINAR to help kids and their parents prevent themselves from being bullied. 

  • We will talk about the 3 most important things to remember. 
  • We will take action learning some basic power positions and techniques
  • We will even learn when it is ok to defend yourself and when to walk away.

September 15th
1 pm - 2 pm

Bully Proofing Colorado Springs
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