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Buddy Nerf Night

Are you looking for the best Night in September for you and your Friends??? Well look no further because we are bringing an epic Night of Nerf Battles. You and your friends will bring your nerf guns and show the world how awesome you really are. We will do giant team battles as well as individual Challenges. If thats not enough already we will be having pizza and lemonade for dinner. Gold member students are completely free (includes their friends) anyone else is only $20! 

Saturday, September 29th
5 pm - 8 pm


We are going to be hanging out at the Dojo All night, and even doing a midnight BBQ Event. There will be games, Movies, FOOOOOOD, and Friends Plus lots of other fun things to do. Don’t Miss out on all the Fun September 21st!

Friday September 21st
7 pm - 7 am


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