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Have you ever wanted to learn the ancient art of stick fighting? We have a strong FMA stick fighting program in Colorado Springs. Our emphasis is in the practical usage and is a great martial arts system for adults. Take the advantage in a street fight and learn the art weapons.

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Grand master Federico Lazo developed the style of Luzviminda Arnis

Everything comes back down to your ability to use your techniques at speed and realism

Ultimately it is not about the weapon itself but rather the person wielding the blade but by disarming your opponent you take the advantage

We emphasize both single and double sticks in our training. Start in the basics and move into faster more dynamic fighting.

About Us and the System

We train in an Arnis system called Luzviminda, developed by the late Grand Master Federico Lazo. Federico was one of three developers of the modern arnis system. Though we train in all the different ranges our emphasis tends to be close and middle range fighting. Arnis is a Filipino Martial arts system that emphasizes stick and blade fighting.


Stick and Blade Fighting

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Ricky Lazo Arnis Seminar
June 10th and 11th

Grandmaster Ricky Lazo

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