Summer Events

Demo & XMA Camp

This is a chance for your karate kid to take their lessons to the next step. We are putting on a whole week of performance camp! We will work on their forms and add some really awesome elements, maybe even have a chance to teach them to do a flip!!! At the end of the week the will perform for the whole dojo! We will also be recruiting students to be on our long term demo team so they will be able to show off their skills the entire summer!

June 11-15
8am - 3pm

Animal Camp

Our martial arts style is based on 9 animals. We will be exploring the different types of fighting styles and learning some super cool forms. This is a rare opportunity for students to learn Shi Pai Sho (9 animals and 9 elements Kata). Students will also have a great time playing games, working on their martial arts and most of all learning how to be a better person!

June 25-29
8am - 3pm

Kicking Camp

Kicking camp is one of the most fun and challenging camps we put on. Sensei Milne takes a week to increase the students balance, flexibility, speed, and accuracy in their kicks. This camp is super special too because at the end of the week there will be an opportunity to compete at our internal tournament. So if you want your students to get a head start on victory have them join up for this awesome camp!

July 9 -13
8am - 3pm

Battle Through the Ages Camp

This camp will be a fun and exciting opportunity to learn some basic weapons training and learn some history in the meantime. We will take a look at different fighting styles through out history, including Medieval, Spartans, Samurai, Shaolin Monks and maybe even the future of fighting, Jedi Training! On the last day we plan to put it all together for an epic battle at the park! This camp will have everything, dress up! martial arts training! history! and so much more!!!

July 23-27
8am - 3pm

Ninja Summer Camp

This is an exciting Ninja Camp where we train your little Ninjas in the ancient art of Awesome! For 5 days we will teach them cool Karate moves, fun rolls, how to make paper throwing stars and sooo many other exciting things. Let your little ninja jump in with us, you wont regret it.

August 6 -10
8am - 3pm

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