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Setting up a “Home Dojo”

How to Create a Martial Arts Space and Help Your Child Practice at Home

Nothing can replace the value of live classes, but kids who study martial arts benefit even more when they practice at home too. One reason it’s helpful to have a home studio is so that you’re ready for times when you simply can’t get to class, like what we’re currently going through with the COVID-19 epidemic. Even when things return to normal, your child will see tremendous benefits from honing their skills at home. That’s why we think it’s a great idea to set up space in your home that’s just for karate practice. Here are a few resources to help create that space, along with some tips for the best ways to support your child’s passion for martial arts.

Set Up Your Space

The main thing you need to practice martial arts at home is an area with plenty of room. Below are a few ideas for how to create that designated space, along with what you’ll need to set up the ideal home martial arts studio.

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Your Child’s Home Practice — Make it Fun!

If your child looks at karate time as a chore, you’re more likely to encounter resistance. These ideas for continuing their home practice make it fun so that practice time becomes something they look forward to rather than something that feels like an obligation.

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How Parents Can Help

Unless you’ve trained as a martial arts instructor yourself, you’re probably wondering what you can do to support your child’s home practice. These resources give you the tools to support and encourage your child to stay on top of their game.

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Other Ideas to Keep Kids Active

Physical fitness is one of the obvious benefits of practicing martial arts, but kids should have other outlets for activity too. These are some of our favorite ideas for kids to stay active — even when they’re stuck indoors.

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Your role as a parent is never to push your child in any sport or hobby. Instead, you always want to offer positivity and support. Creating a home practice space is the perfect way to do just that. Your child will love their home studio, and you will love the positive effects.

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