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Are you looking for a holistic activity to help you rejuvenate and heal your body? And do you want something more than an elliptical or a treadmill to help you stay young and fit? Well you've come to the right place. North Colorado Springs TaiChi is the perfect fit to begin your journey.

Who are we?

North Colorado Springs TaiChi is the place where you are able to get back to the Body you have always wanted. We specialize in techniques that will rejuvenate, energize, and heal your body. Now we are a community of likeminded people who want our older years to be our best years. So, for us it’s not about how many miles we’ve travelled but rather how many miles we have left to travel. And as warriors we aren’t going to stay sitting and allow life to pass us by, we want to seize every day and every moment to the best of our ability

"I want my students to return to the natural beauty of movement they had when they were younger."
Scott Ward
Sifu - Instructor

What is

Short for t’ai chi chüan, Tai Chi is rooted in Chinese medicine — qigong to be exact — and is thousands of years old. The practice fuses both martial arts and meditation, which might seem like an unlikely combination. However, the idea is to slow down both your mind and body by repeating rhythmic choreography and breath work for 30 to 60 minutes.

Ideally, this culminates in finding a sense of inner peace and tranquility. In addition, the art of Tai Chi is used to help improve your physical health.

If you were to look at someone practicing Tai Chi, it would appear almost as if they were moving in slow motion, and it would also be very clear that they were quite focused on the task at hand. In Fact, Tai Chi has been referred to as a moving meditation. So, try a free class with our Colorado Springs Taichi program.


Although Tai Chi wasn’t initially created for health purposes, todays Tai Chi is revered around the world for both its health and martial achievements. These are just a few of the many benefits you’ll get at Colorado Springs TaiChi:

  • Better Balance
  • Mental Strengthening
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Reduced Stress
  • Chronic Pain Reduction
  • Arthritis Relief
  • Joint & Cartilage Health
  • Strong, Dense Bones
  • Better Mental Health and Cognitive Function
  • Healthy and Elastic Connective Tissue and Fascia
  • Stomach, Intestine, and Bowel Health
  • Improved Lung Function
  • Beautiful Elastic Skin
  • Healthy Veins and Arteries
  • …and so much more.

But don’t just take our word on it, even Harvard experts say that TaiChi is good for the body.


Our classes begin with Qigong (Energy Work) Exercise.   Qigong is older than Tai Chi itself and has been practiced in China for over 1000 years.   So, what exactly is Qigong?   QiGong is a very important part of Tai Chi that prepares the body to be able to do Tai Chi.  Thats why QiGong consists of very gentle, low impact exercises.  The exercises are designed to “Open” the joints, because Chi must flow through the joints the joints must be “Open”.  Much of our daily activity, repetitive motions, sitting for long periods of time, and injuries have left our joints “Closed”.  Our QiGong exercises address every joint in your body and prepares you to be able to move Chi around your body.    Without Chi, there is no Tai Chi.

These slow gentle exercises are excellent for repairing damage in your body. But the best way to discover this is to try a free class at Colorado Springs TaiChi.


Between Qigong exercise and the practice of Tai Chi Form(s), Tai Chi, you will find, is excellent for improved physical fitness.  Tai Chi is considered a whole-body workout.  The slow movement of Tai Chi address the whole muscle.  Whereas, fast movements often ignore the greater parts of the muscles.  And thats why you will find your core strength, in particular, increasing as you learn to use the new body structures of Tai Chi.

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Tai Chi is considered one of the most beneficial types of exercise for your body. Emphasizing full range of movements in a gentle way, you will be able to recover or keep your body healthy for years to come.


Fitness is not about power, but rather longevity of movement. Tai Chi helps healthy people stay healthy and broken people return to a higher level of performance.


There is a saying "Those who Flow together Grow together" which is extremely true for Tai chi practitioners. We are a community that are not just your silent elliptical gym-goers; we understand the power of community.


Your body was designed to move in very specific ways. Throughout life we often times do the wrong movement. Tai chi will help you restore your body to its proper mobility, allowing you to free yourself from the pains and aches of a very active life.

Self - Defense

Though Tai Chi is generally done slowly, it doesn't have to be. The movements of Tai Chi are an authentic fighting system that have been trained for over a millennia.


One of the best parts of Tai Chi is that it isn't a boring thing. Tai Chi is tied to the ancient orient, practiced by warriors throughout the ages. Why spend your time sitting on a bike cycling into nothing when you could train like the ancient sages throughout time?

Yang Style

Yang style Tai Chi is often considered the most popular form of Tai Chi and is the most widely practiced across the globe today. It was founded by Yang Lu-Ch’an in the mid-1800s and builds off the original Chen style.

Yang style focuses on improving flexibility via grand, sweeping movements that are executed in a slow, graceful motion. Because it doesn’t use the quick, fast movements, it is ideal for all ages and fitness levels.

So don’t wait, join North Colorado Springs TaiChi Classes

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