3T Karate in Colorado Springs

Empowering Families through Traditional Values and Quality Martial Arts

Invest into your Children

Some parents dream of their kids being amazing people while others work hard on creating a successful environment and training them on successful principals. 3T thinks like the second group. We know that through Hard Work, Discipline, Focus, and A Lot of Fun we can create amazing kids that have lives of full of successes.

We Believe in the Family

At 3T we know that results come from building a relationship with all the sources of a child’s world. That means School, Coaches, and, most of all, Parents. An old adage says that “a family that kicks together sticks together” and we believe this to be true. We want to have involved families that care about their kids just as much as we will.

A Place for Teens to Belong

Working with teens can be very difficult, but we have cracked the code. To develop teens you need to create a community and culture that fosters a love to grow and work on “oneself” which is exactly what we have done at 3T. We have one of the country’s largest teen martial arts groups. This means strong peers that set high standards for each other in an environment of safety and growth.

Karate has really changed my life! I started because I was having a hard time at home and I was really quiet. I found out about 3T and began my training. It wasn’t long before I realized that karate was more then just punching and kicking; it was about becoming a better person. I found out that Karate was about being confident, having discipline in my actions, and staying focused on tasks. I’m getting ready for my black belt now and have realized that some of the best people I know have come out of 3T Karate! Thank you for everything 3T.

Brianna Smalley

What do our customers think?

Don’t just take our word for it! Listen to some of our customers as they tell you why they continue to call 3T Karate their home for martial arts and character development.

Begin Your Journey

Everyone can talk about success, but not everyone will be successful. What makes the difference is the willingness to get up and get to work.

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