Why should your family Train at 3T Karate in Colorado Springs?

We believe that your child is special and deserves more than your average martial arts training and so we have put together an intensive Karate program with Character development, Success skills, and Leadership Training. Our Goal is to empower your child and your family to accomplish their greatest potential in all areas of their lives and not just in Karate. To make it convenient for our families we also offer a flexible schedule and a variety of classes taught by some of the best instructors in the industry. All classes are taught in fun, friendly environment that makes learning easy and exciting.



Brianna Smalley, Colorado Springs

Karate has really changed my life! I started because I was having a hard time at home and I was really quiet. I found out about 3T and began my training. It wasn’t long before I realized that karate was more then just punching and kicking it was about becoming a better person. I found out that Karate was about being confident, having discipline in my actions, and staying focused on tasks. I’m getting ready for my black belt now and have realized that some of the best people I know have come out of 3T Karate! Thank you for everything 3T!!!

Jeffrey Flight, Colorado Springs

Joining 3T of Colorado Springs has been a great benefit for the entire family. The professional staff is teaching my children more than just the skills to defend themselves; they are learning discipline, respect, and life lessons that will be able to use throughout life. Being able to participate in the same class with my children has been rewarding and fun way to spend family time together. I highly recommend 3T Colorado Springs Karate to any family.

Scott Smallberger, Colorado Springs

I started training at 3T martial arts less than a year ago. It has been a great decision. It’s not just learning of techniques, but the sensei goes way into depth as to why we do the techniques. I am studying self defense and have competed in a tournament. However, most important to me, at 3T, not only do they instruct the art of karate but they teach me how to become a better person both for myself an for my community. I am always looking forward to the next class!