Our family classes will have you and your kids feeling Confident, Focused, More Respectful, and More Athletic In 28 Days Or Less...

Training with your family will help give your kids...

  • The Self-Esteem To Believe “They Can Do What They Put Their Minds To"

  • The Self-Assurance and Personal Confidence To Say “NO” To Un-Healthy Peer Pressure When The Time Undoubtedly Comes

  • The Poise and Mental Toughness To Stand Up To The Bully Without Violence

  • The Ability and Know-How To Set and Achieve Powerful Goals

  • The Physical Fitness That Will Help Them In Any Sport That They Want To Play

  • The Concentration Skills To Put Them Or Keep Them On The Honor Roll

Dear Parent,

Do you know the keys to raising a Happy, and Successful child?

How about the secrets to cutting through all the “clutter” and distractions and really teaching your child the “Core” life skills that they need forever?

Or the “Secret Formula” for developing the character that makes a kid a Leader?

If Not, You Soon Will...

As a fellow parent I understand your concerns. Our teenagers have so many more things to worry about these days than we did when we were young. They have to make tougher decisions at younger ages than ever before. As parents we want to make sure we give our kids all the tools they need to be successful in life.

At 3T we know that today’s teens are smart, talented and have lots of creative energy and potential. Most of them just need a place to channel that energy into positive activities and help them to shine. That’s why we offer a variety of programs that teach successful life skills while keeping your teen interested, engaged and around positive role models and peers.

I’ve got some good news because there’s a school in Colorado Springs just for parents and families who really understand that the foundation they give their kids NOW is the key to their success later in life!

Yes, it’s true and you won’t believe how simple it really is to instill in your young one all the “Core” life skills that propel them to achievement! But the best part about everything I’m about to reveal to you is….

Your child will be having so much fun they’ll forget they’re learning valuable skills that will turn them into leaders!

My name is Eric Davis and I’m the owner of 3T Karate in Colorado Springs, CO. One thing that I’ve discovered over the years is that many families bring their kids to martial arts for so many other benefits totally unrelated to kicking and punching. The sad part is that there are too many karate schools out there who claim they can deliver what parents really want but fail miserably at actually delivering it! But Not 3T Karate and I Can Prove it to you!

Our curriculum will build physical ability through martial arts, but the true value comes from the positive “transformation” that occurs in all of our students. They may be shy and then in a short time they’ve got confidence. They may’ve been a little un-rulie, but in no time flat they’re focused and respectful. It really goes on and on!

3T Karate teaches young people all the skills they need to excel at school, at home and in life!

Families Just Like Yours From All Over Colorado Springs Giving Their Children (and themselves) The Unfair Advantage of 3T Karate.

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